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1960s style women gossiping in a kitchen - black and white photo

We need to talk about the way we talk

Prof Matt Sanders of Triple P Positive Parenting explains the importance of how we talk about parenting and other parents - to ourselves, our partners and the wider community. read more

People line up for Triple P information in Costa Rica

Central America welcomes Triple P

A new post-graduate university course in positive parenting in Costa Rica will include the internationally acclaimed Triple P program as a key subject. read more

Boy not sharing cookies with toy bear – Teaching kids to share

What if kids can't bear to share?

Children and toddlers are naturally self-absorbed. Triple P's Matt Sanders explains why and how parents should help kids to learn and develop social emotional skills like sharing. read more

Feeling like you're up against a wall - Is it normal to have parenting problems?

Is it normal to have parenting problems?

For parents, a child’s difficult behavior can be worrying and cause problems but there’s no need to struggle on alone – Triple P can help small issues from becoming worse. read more

upset little girl looks over mom's shoulder as she gets a hug

Yelling, the not-so-silent epidemic

Parents know they don't want to smack their kids, but may not know what to do instead. If yelling becomes the go-to option for managing behavior, it can create more problems.… read more