North Carolina parents and carers who are trying to support teenagers through all the changes brought about by COVID-19 can now get free online help through a world-renowned program—with upgraded features and a new “parenting in uncertain times” module.

At a time when parenting teenagers can be even more difficult than usual, due to extra stress and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for families to have free access to positive parenting strategies and skills that are easier to use and more tailored to their needs.

“It’s important to always be mindful of building positive relationships with children, especially during difficult times such as what we’re facing now,” says Professor Matt Sanders, developer of Triple P – Positive Parenting Program (University of Queensland, Australia). The research-backed program is used around the world and has been used across North Carolina since 2013. 

The Teen Triple P Online program is an online way to do Teen Triple P and as well as the new features, also now includes a COVID-19 module all about coping with the challenges of living through a pandemic, including helping your teen stay calm and optimistic and adjust to changes.

There’s also on online version of Triple P for parents of younger children, which also includes the new COVID-19 module. Both versions are free to parents and carers across North Carolina.

In many regions, personalized support from trained Triple P providers is also available, and the online programs prompt users to request this if they’d like it.

In the new version of the program, it’s easier for parents to choose what parenting and family issues they’d like to work on, and get specific support for those areas. There a wide range of tips available covering everything from emotional outbursts, mood swings and frequent arguments, to helping teenagers deal with risky situations, and more. The program is built on the foundation of building a strong and positive relationship with your teenager, encouraging communication and helping them become more responsible and able to cope with challenges.

There’s also stylish new interface which makes the app easier and more fun to use. 

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is free to NC families thanks to the North Carolina Triple P State Learning Collaborative.

The Triple P Online program has other modules too, with tips on how to balance working at home with family life, keeping children occupied, and how to also take care of one’s own emotional wellbeing. The free online programs (along with other free resources for parenting during COVID-19) are all available here.