Wake County program setting kids up for school and life

Children will be better prepared for school if their parents do Triple P, says Dawn Dawson, Senior Director of the Wake County Office of Early Learning.

In a story on the Wake County Public School System website to mark the Week of the Young Child, Ms Dawson says programs offered at the Office of Early Learning not only focus on the child, but parents and the family as well.

“Improving parenting skills and increasing children’s ability to self-regulate are powerful tools in helping children be ready for school and success in life.” she says.

Wake County father Harold Parker tells how Triple P helped him manage his four-year-old son’s shyness, as well as other issues.

“It's just devastating to a father when he wants to be a good father but he doesn't have all the tools,” says Harold. “It's just like a mechanic. If he's going to work on a car, he needs to prepare for the worst, not just hope for the best. We should strive to have the right tools for our kids as much as possible.”

Read the full story on the Wake County Public School System website