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It’s the parenting program that helps make raising kids easier. Join a session near you or find a provider for one-on-one support.

Parents all over the world have the same kinds of problems. Toddler tantrums. Fighting at home or school. A child who won’t go to bed. A child who never seems to listen. The good news is the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program can help.

Triple P is the parenting program that helps make raising kids easier. It gives you the tips and ideas to help raise happy, confident kids; see more of the behaviors you like and less of the ones you don’t; and have better relationships with your children and partner.

Triple P is available to all parents and caregivers of children up to 12 years, thanks to the Cook County Center of Excellence on Parenting, in partnership with the Cook County Health & Hospitals System, the Stroger Hospital Division of Family Wellness and Division of Child Psychiatry, the Cook County Health Foundation Associate Board, and the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center. Some sessions are free, some insurances are accepted and there are sliding scale fees as well. Read on for more details!

Triple P parenting help for parents of teenagers will soon be available as well.

Not sure which Triple P program is right for you? The Triple P Selector can help.

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Triple P programs in Cook County

Parents and caregivers in Cook County have access to the free Triple P programs below.


Seminars – positive parenting in a nutshell

Even when parenting is great, a few tips can help make life easier. Get fresh ideas for raising kids and teenagers in our 90-minute seminars. Choose from three different topics for each age group.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)


Discussion Groups – for common parenting problems

Parents with the same single problem join a two-hour group that provides practical targeted solutions. Choose from a range of topics tailored for parents of kids and teens.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)


Level 4 Individual – for more serious behavior problems

Raising your child or teenager is seriously stressful. Set your own goals and choose strategies perfect for your family in 10 personal sessions: just you and a Triple P provider.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)


Stepping Stones Triple P – for children with a disability

Get strategies to help teach your child new skills, manage problem or harmful behavior and help them thrive. Meet one-on-one with a Stepping Stones provider.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)

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