Triple P Parenting

in Umatilla County

It’s one of the world’s best parenting programs and it's available free to parents throughout the county.

You want the best for your children – for them to be happy and healthy, and ready to succeed in life. And the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s simple practical strategies have been proven to help you guide them to be their best.

But raising happy and healthy children and teenagers comes with big and small everyday challenges. So Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc, in collaboration with St. Anthony Hospital, is helping take the guesswork out of parenting, by supporting Umatilla County parents and caregivers with Triple P.

Triple P gives you tips and ideas to help make family life calmer. It’s not ‘one size’ fits all – you can do as much, or as little, as you like.

Now there’s also the option to do Triple P or Teen Triple P online, anywhere and anytime.

You choose what works best for you.

In Umatilla County, Triple P is free for parents and caregivers of children up to 12 years of age. Triple P Online and Teen Triple P Online are both free for parents of kids up to age 16.

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See improvements – and fast!

Choose the online course that’s right for you, based on your child’s ages and stages

Triple P Online (for parents of toddlers to tweens)

can help you:

  • Encourage good behavior
  • Manage misbehavior
  • Settle tantrums
  • Take the stress out of shopping
  • Tackle disobedience
  • Teach your child new skills
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Triple P Online (for parents of pre-teens and teens)

can help you:

  • Build a stronger relationship
  • Agree on rules
  • Deal calmly with conflict
  • Navigate emotional ups and downs
  • Help them make good choices in risky situations
  • Equip them to handle life’s problems
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Triple P Programs in Umatilla County

Parents and caregivers in Umatilla County have access to the free Triple P programs below.



Even when parenting is great, a few tips can help make life easier. Get fresh ideas for raising kids in our 90-minute seminars. Choose from three different topics.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)



Parents with the same single problem join a two-hour group that provides practical targeted solutions. Choose from a range of topics tailored for parents of kids
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)



A problem or two with your child? Try a quick, tailored way to get strategies to help. Just you and a Triple P provider. Approx. 4 sessions / 15-30 minutes each.
BIRTH-12 YEARS (read more)

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