Lifestyle Triple P – keeping kids healthy and active

Is this you?

You want your child to be happy, healthy and active. But there isn’t much outdoor play, walking, running or energetic games happening. Maybe life feels too busy to fit in weekend sports. Perhaps your child doesn’t eat healthy food that often. It’s likely that your child is overweight.

If you’d like to encourage your family to enjoy healthier eating and be more active, Lifestyle Triple P can help. 

What is Lifestyle Triple P? 

Lifestyle Triple P is a group program to support parents of overweight children aged from 5-10 years. It gives you the tips and tools you need to promote healthier family eating and to encourage your kids to be more active.

Lifestyle Triple P isn’t a set of rules. It’s a range of strategies that allows you to provide good choices for your children. It helps you understand the health risks your children face every day. It gives you alternatives that help promote your child’s health and self-esteem. And it gives you ways to manage your child’s activities and food choices without stress and arguments. 

What happens at Lifestyle Triple P? 

Lifestyle Triple P brings together small groups of parents – usually no more than 10 or 12. In relaxed, fun sessions, your Lifestyle Triple P provider will give you ideas to encourage the behavior and eating habits you would like to see more of. You’ll watch videos, join group discussions and practice how you may handle tricky situations with your child. You’ll also be given a workbook to remind you of your new plans and strategies, and help you keep track of the changes you’re making. You’ll also get a recipe booklet and activities games booklet. 

How long does it take? 

Usually, there are 10 group sessions held over about three months. These sessions take about 90 minutes each. There are also four telephone sessions of about 15-30 minutes. Your Triple P provider will arrange to call you at a suitable time to offer advice and encouragement. 

Does my child come to Lifestyle Triple P sessions? 

Children don’t attend all Lifestyle Triple P sessions. They come only to the first and last of the weekly sessions, simply to monitor their progress.