Positive Parenting
during COVID-19

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The occasional tantrum or daily defiance? A course with other parents or a few personal sessions? Choose how much positive parenting you need, and how you do it. Use this selector to find the best Triple P for you.



Parents concerned about COVID-19’s emotional impact on families


A new free guide to healthy relationships and managing conflict between parents during COVID-19 is now available to all North Carolina families. read more



5 tips for a happier, more peaceful summer with your kids


Help your kids learn to avoid another remote-control-tug-of-war by helping them learn new social skills. read more


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Why kids should take risks

There's an ongoing debate about whether kids are over-protected or too 'free-range'. But taking some risks can be good for a child's development. read more


What parents say

Jennifer was feeling the strain of her 2-year-old boy’s aggression and misbehavior. "I wasn’t enjoying being a parent," she says. Now, she loves spending time with her son.