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What can Triple P do for me?

It Really Works

children and their families have been helped by Triple P

Trials and studies that show Triple P works

Online parenting program proven to work

Choose the help that’s right for you

Every family’s different, so we make it easy to choose the parenting support that fits your situation. You choose when, where, and how you want to do Triple P!

Why do an online program?

Doing an online program gives you the most freedom and flexibility. Your personal video coach and interactive activities put you in control.

  • Comprehensive – gives you the full parenting toolkit to handle all kinds of situations with confidence
  • Track your progress on topics and issues you’ve selected
  • Convenient - on your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Fits around your schedule, no travel or childcare needed
  • Can be done by partners, grandparents so everyone’s on the same page
  • Videos and interactive learning, at your pace, at your place
  • Go back and review anytime – one year access to downloads and resources
  • Choose the program based on your child’s age and stage of development

Why do a small or large group session?

Being able to meet and talk to other parents in the same situation is a great way to share experiences and ideas. It’s support and community-building at the same time - you’re not doing this alone!

  • Various programs, covering different, age-relevant, topics and issues you’d like to know about
  • Pick and choose any topic-based discussion group, or join a group class to complete a whole program
  • Printed resources for you to use at home
  • Some sessions now offered via live video, so you can attend from anywhere

See more information and what’s available near you on the local calendar, and register for your free place.

Why do an individual session?

Sit down a talk in a relaxed Triple P session that can be brief or more detailed, depending on what you’d prefer. Your trained Triple P provider meets with you at a convenient time and place, and you can bring your partner or a family member. Together, you create positive solutions tailored to fit your situation!

  • Help and support to see your progress, stay on track, and feel confident for the future
  • Contact a friendly local Triple P practitioner to get started
  • Various programs depending on age(s) of your children and what topics and tips you’d like to cover
  • All the way from a few 15-minute sessions (for a specific issue) through to more detailed programs (4-6 1-hour sessions/phone calls)
  • Printed resources you can refer to at home
  • Some sessions now offered via live video
  • Also may be useful if you’d like extra support when doing an online program
  • Extra support options for more complex family issues

See our Triple P Provider map to find out who offers individual support sessions near you, and contact them to find out more.


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