Strengthen your

child's coping skills

What makes resilience so important?

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Understand your child's emotions. Help them reach their potential.

Inner strength can be developed. It can be nurtured by everyday words and actions.

  • Every child and teenager will face challenges in life.
  • We can’t protect our children from everything as they get older.
  • Positive words and actions help build resilience.
  • Teaching certain skills will help children deal with life’s challenges
  • Goal-setting, persistence, and managing emotions help kids in later life.

Improve your child's coping skills

What has resilience got to do with child development?

Resilience helps kids to ‘bounce back’

What does it mean to be resilient? It’s about being able to bounce back after a setback. To keep working at something, even when it’s not easy. Changes and challenges - big and small - are part of life. Learning to cope with challenges and uncertain times is an important life-long skill.

Why is resilience important for children?

Becoming more resilient helps children try new things, even if it takes a while to succeed. Resilience also helps children understand that sometimes, things won’t work out as planned. But it’s still possible to cope and move on.

Resilience helps children be more confident in their approach to school and life. But if a child or teenager feels sad, anxious or worried a lot of the time, it can cause problems. Depression or anxiety can seriously interfere with learning and social activities. It can also start to affect the whole family.

Can I tell if my child is resilient?

Becoming more resilient is a journey rather than a destination. You’ll be able to see when your child is developing resilience and coping skills. For one thing, they’ll get better at recovering from setbacks. This will vary from one child to another. It will also depend partly on other factors (age, the event, other things happening at the time). But whatever the case, all children can benefit from support to develop their coping skills. These skills can be supported from the earliest years onward.

What can I do to help build my child’s resilience?

Children learn from the positive interactions they have with their parents or caregivers. This can include teaching problem-solving skills, and showing how to embrace and learn from mistakes. It’s also about having an optimistic outlook.

Positive interactions also help children feel safe and secure. This loving and caring atmosphere helps them develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills to succeed. Even so, parents can’t protect children from difficult feelings altogether. As children and teenagers grow, it’s important they start to develop confidence in their own coping skills. As a parent, you can help manage anxiety in children with the strategies Triple P provides.

Triple P Online shows you simple but proven ways to create the environment that helps your child reach their potential. It’s a toolbox of ideas and skills, not a rule-book. You choose and adapt what suits your child and your family.

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