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Positive parenting strategies help children reach their potential

Inner strength can be developed and nurtured through everyday words and actions.

  • Positive, regular interactions help build language and social skills.
  • You can help your child learn to set and achieve goals.
  • Learning to cope with challenges and solve problems are lifelong skills.

Triple P support can give you the tools to help your child go from a secure childhood to an independent, fulfilling adulthood.

Why do parents love Triple P?

Triple P gives families positive strategies that are proven to work. The program can be adapted to suit any situation. Hundreds of research studies show its effectiveness. And it's totally up to you how to use it.

  • It’s a toolbox, not a rulebook. You get the strategies and knowledge. You choose what tools to use, when, and how.
  • What you do today helps create a better future for your child.
  • Parents from more than 25 countries have discovered how small changes make a big difference to family life!

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