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Talking with your child about their concerns

How do we know if our kids are feeling stressed or uncertain? Are they struggling emotionally, socially, academically, or in some other way? What are the signs we should look out… read more


Where's Your Focus?

When your kids are driving you mad, it's tempting to only focus on negative. But the key to change starts with a focus on the relationship, explains Triple P's Terri Williams. read more

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Follow your instincts? Yes, but not always.

Sometimes what comes naturally to parents doesn't help much, but fortunately there are ways you can learn to see and do things differently, explains Triple P's Terri Williams. read more

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Think Outside The Room

We all know we should be limiting screen time for kids (& adults), but what about increasing nature time? Triple P founder Matt Sanders has some key insights & great ideas! read more

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What Do You Expect?

It's important to have realistic expectations of your children, yourself and others. But what's that mean for parents wondering if they're too hard or too easy on their kids? read more

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Let's Play (Part 2)

Are you so busy being a responsible parent that you've forgotten how to have fun with your kids? Check out these tips from Triple P's Francisca Puga. read more

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Let's Play! (Part 1)

It may just look like having fun, but for children, play is serious work and is vital to proper cognitive development. Triple P's Francisca Puga explains. read more

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Listening Skills – How Are Yours?

As a parent of a teen, it's easy to fall into the habit of doing a lot of talking and not much listening. Dr Terri Williams explains why and how you can turn that around. read more

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How's Your Balance?

Caught up in day-to-day stress & missing the long term view? Balance between work & home can start with a few small changes, says Triple P's Miwa Okochi. read more

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Have You Got The Wrong Impression?

Many parents aren't aware their child or teenager is very different outside the home, so how do you know if this could be you? Dr Terri Williams has some tips. read more

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Ever Think Of Packing Your Bags?

Parenting, especially with teenagers, can create conflict in relationships. But Triple P's Alan Ralph offers insights into what's going on – and how to start fixing it. read more

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Getting Active With Your Kids

We all know the benefits of exercise, but here's one you may have overlooked! Parents spending time with kids, and getting active, is good for everyone. read more

Sometimes "Just Love Them" Isn't Enough

There'll always be those who don't understand the point of programs like Triple P, but families need real solutions, not platitudes, as Dr Matt Sanders explains. read more

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Bringing more dads into the picture

Triple P's Miwa Okochi has some tips on parenting teamwork for busy families, because even dads themselves don't always understand the importance of their role. read more

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The Trouble With Phones (Part 2)

Setting rules about phone use when kids are young can save a lot of angst down the track. Triple P's Dr Terri L. Williams explains why, and how. read more

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No Right Or Wrong Age To Be A Parent

It's easy to find articles about what's the 'perfect' age to be a parent, but the real key is to figure out what works for you, says Triple P's Dr Matt Sanders. read more


Encouragement Or Pressure?

It's natural for parents to want their child to do well in exams and achieve life goals, but too much pressure is counterproductive, Triple P's Miwa Okochi explains. read more

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The Trouble With Phones (Part 1)

It's all too easy for phones and social media to create risky mix for teenagers, but Dr Terri L Williams has some useful guidelines for parents. read more

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“I want to be positive! But how?”

It's not realistic to think parenting will always be easy or enjoyable, but as Triple P's Miwa Okochi explains, being realistic can actually make you happier. read more


Food For Thought (Part 2)

Part 2 of Dr Terri Williams's blog looks at other aspects of mealtime battles & offers some new ways of looking at, & dealing with, refusal to eat certain foods. read more

black and white 1930s mother tries to make child eat dinner

Food For Thought (Part 1)

When it comes to kids and eating, should you lay down the law or let 'em run wild? Neither, explains Triple P's Dr Terri Williams in her inaugural parent blog! read more

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Appily Ever After

As teenagers grow up and venture out, making the best use of both technology and communication helps everyone avoid problems, explains Dr Alan Ralph. read more


Triple P America invited to the White House

Triple P America has been invited to showcase the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program at the White House today as part of the President’s My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Initiative. read more

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We need to talk about the way we talk

Prof Matt Sanders of Triple P Positive Parenting explains the importance of how we talk about parenting and other parents - to ourselves, our partners and the wider community. read more

Boy not sharing cookies with toy bear – Teaching kids to share

What if kids can't bear to share?

Children and toddlers are naturally self-absorbed. Triple P's Matt Sanders explains why and how parents should help kids to learn and develop social emotional skills like sharing. read more


Is it normal to have parenting problems?

For parents, a child’s difficult behavior can be worrying and cause problems but there’s no need to struggle on alone – Triple P can help small issues from becoming worse. read more

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Yelling, the not-so-silent epidemic

Parents know they don't want to smack their kids, but may not know what to do instead. If yelling becomes the go-to option for managing behavior, it can create more problems.… read more