Different parenting styles? How to get on the same team.

It’s common – and not unexpected – that parents will argue or disagree about the way they raise their children. But parents can learn to deal with these differences through good communication. And kids will feel happier at home if their parents are working as a team.

Of course, this isn’t always easy. Each parent has their own beliefs, values, expectations and skills. Plus, the day-to-day demands of a family can make teamwork tough.

It’s important to support each other with parenting. Your partner might be dealing with bedtime dramas. You can support them by following through with the discipline you’ve both agreed on.

If you’re unhappy with the way your partner has handled the situation, wait until it’s over to calmly discuss it.

It is also good to find some time to talk about each other’s day. And remember to let your partner know when you think they’ve done a good job with the kids.