How to boost kids’ confidence and cope with disappointment

It’s natural to want to keep your children safe – to protect them with a layer of bubble wrap may appeal to some parents. But you can’t shield them from every hurt and disappointment. What you can do though, is help them learn to cope. They’ll be better off if you give them the skills to bounce back after a challenge and to deal with their emotions.

You can start by letting them know that feeling stressed, upset or angry is healthy and normal. Help them understand that feelings like this will pass.

Your child might be facing something that’s making them feel anxious, such as a sports day at school. They might even try to avoid it. Encourage them to step up to the challenge. If they’ve got your support, they are more likely to rise to the occasion.

And if they do come home disappointed, let them know that’s okay, too. Your child will learn that distressing events happen and they can get over them.

Remember that you are a role model for your kids. They’ll have hope if they see you talking your problems through and moving forward again. They’ll grow up knowing that challenges can be overcome and disappointment can be resolved.