Kids and advertising (and how to say ‘no’ to your child!)

It could be anything from breakfast cereal to the newest computer game. But chances are your child has a very clear idea of what they want you to buy.

It’s hardly surprising when you think about the money spent on marketing to kids. Children who watch two hours of TV per day will see more than 10,000 ads every year.

There’s little we can do to shield our children from the daily stream of advertising. But we can make life in this material world a little easier for moms, dads and kids.

You can help your child understand why you’re buying something or why you’re not buying something. Rather than just saying “because I said so,” you could explain why the product isn’t right. Is it too expensive? Perhaps they can have it when they’re older.

You can also help your child by teaching them the value of money. Give them a set allowance to spend as they like. Even six year olds know what an empty piggy bank means.

And finally, think about what you say and do in front of your kids. If you always discuss other people in terms of their money, your child will learn that having money is the most important value.