Kids in the morning – getting out the door on time

For many families, the morning rush hour is the most stressful part of the day. But with a good routine in place you can get yourself and the kids out the door on time.

The key is to be organized. Set some ground rules and put a routine in place. It will be much easier if everyone knows what they need to do to help get ready.

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to get ready in the morning. A good rule is to get yourself ready before the kids. You can prepare some things like lunches the night before to avoid the last-minute rush.

Let your children know what the routine is ahead of time. Tell them exactly what they will need to do.

Kids can help out by learning to do things for themselves like getting dressed and brushing their teeth. This gives them the chance to practice these skills and it teaches them how to be organized. Plus it saves you time!

You may even like to try the 'beat the clock' game. Your child’s goal is to be ready before the alarm goes off. If they win they earn a small treat, such as a favorite snack in their lunch box.

Clearly tell them what they need to do to win and set a reasonable amount of time. Avoid repeating instructions or nagging them to hurry up. It often takes only two weeks before the game has worked and can be phased out.