Kids using technology – the screen time dilemma

Sometimes it seems like kids spend all their time in front of the TV or on a smartphone or on the computer. You might even feel like banning technology from your house. That’s your choice. But for most parents, the reality is we need to adapt. We need to help our kids lead a balanced life.

Children can benefit from age-appropriate technology. Watching TV or playing on the computer can be fun, entertaining and a good way to relax. And there are many programs, games and apps that are educational and can help your child’s learning.

But if children spend too much time in front of a screen they will miss out on other important activities. Things like playing outdoors, talking to friends and reading are vital for kids.

So how can you strike the right balance in your house?

Start by learning about what technology is around. You can do your own research and talk to your children and other parents. Think about what is good about each device. And think about what you will need to limit or manage, based on your child’s age.

It’s also a good idea to put some rules in place. Let your kids know what they are allowed to use and when they can use it. Discuss this as a family so that your kids can have a say too.