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Why Triple P Online for Baby makes all the difference

Positively nurture your baby’s development and a close relationship right from the start - this toolkit of tips and ideas really works!

  • You choose what works for you - adapt to suit your baby, your family, your values
  • Be confident about responding to your baby and meeting their needs, and having options if there are challenges (e.g. with crying or sleeping patterns)
  • Learn how to manage your emotions and communicate more effectively with your partner about parenting
  • Do the course anytime on your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Videos and fun interactive learning
  • Track your progress and print your certificate

Begin your positive parenting journey

Is Triple P Online for Baby right for our family?

Understand what you can do to promote your baby’s development, build a stronger bond, and support their emotional and physical health.

  • Create the best environment for your baby
  • Encourage contentment
  • Learn a variety of strategies to cope with crying
  • Understand baby sleep patterns and healthy sleep habits
  • Promote your baby’s social and cognitive development
  • Take better care of your own emotional well-being
  • Improve your communication with your partner and other family members
  • Really enjoy life as a new parent!

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Support your baby’s emotional wellbeing (and improve yours, too!)

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® s a toolbox of strategies, skills, and knowledge. It helps you create a positive learning environment for your family. Triple P is the world’s most widely researched parenting program with hundreds of clinical trials and real-world studies behind it. And now there’s Triple P Online for Baby, to help you prepare for and adjust to parenting a newborn or infant!

What’s in the Triple P Online for Baby course?

  • Support your baby’s development and create more positive interactions!

    Get a toolkit full of positive parenting strategies! Work at your own pace (individually or with a partner). From pregnancy or any time during baby’s first year. See your parenting confidence improve as you progress through the course.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Triple P Online for Baby

    Take a positive parenting approach right from the beginning. Build a strong and secure relationship with your baby for the best start in life as their brain and body rapidly grow. Learn how everyday interactions with your infant make a difference!

  • Module 2: Understanding your baby’s development

    Find out more about what influences a baby’s development and what you can do to create positive learning opportunities each day. Discover how to avoid common unhelpful beliefs about parenting. Learn different ways to keep track of your baby’s activities and progress.

  • Module 3: Promoting your baby’s development

    Learn how to build a positive relationship with your baby, tune into their signals and the importance of affection. Find out more about encouraging new skills, including developing flexible routines.

  • Module 4: Responding to your baby

    Understand more about how babies communicate, how to encourage contentment and what to expect when it comes to crying. There’s also a variety of ways to soothe and settle babies, as well as strategies to promote positive sleeping habits.

  • Module 5: Survival skills

    Discover the common emotional ‘traps’ that new parents can experience. Learn about coping strategies to manage uncomfortable emotions (e.g. stress, anxiety, sadness) and build your emotional well-being toolkit.

  • Module 6: Partner support

    Learn more about relationship changes most new parents experience, and ways to avoid communication challenges. Help maintain a positive environment with tips on partner communication and maintaining relationship happiness.

  • Module 7: Reviewing and maintaining progress

    What’s going well? What can you continue to work on? There are tips on maintaining positive changes as you continue to care for your baby and help them grow and develop while also looking after yourself.

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